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Book Review - The Survivors Club by Ben Sherwood

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Over and over, experts told me it's not what you know that makes a difference in survival. It's how you apply it. Pure knowledge – the kind from books and lectures – only gives you the possibility of action...Applied knowledge is the key to survival.

One of the best books I have have ever read is this book by Ben Sherwood, “The Survivors Club”.

Often in many emergency situations, it's not so much what you know that matters, but how you handle yourself. You see this often in the show “Alone” as well. Many contestants could have lasted longer if they had the will power. They often lose this willpower because of a mental condition they get themselves in. Often it's simply a case of missing loved ones. Don't get me wrong, I'm not judging the contestants of this show. I could see myself losing for this reason as well.

But have you ever thought of how you would handle yourself in a high stress, emergency situation? Have you ever been in one? Did you handle it calmly and take action or did you run or even pretend you didn't see the emergency happen?

This book goes into great detail about these different types of people and challenges your way of thinking and how you would survive a high stress situation.

In the book he tells one story of the fire in the London Subway station of 1987. A number of people walked blindly into the smoke coming from the subway and into their death. Why would they do that? They did this because it's what they did every day. They walked into the subway. It became a habit and they didn't take notice of the danger around them.

Have you ever considered your daily rituals? Do you find yourself falling into a routine that requires little thought?

This book will help you realize who you are, and how to be more observant of your surroundings. It's always important to be aware of your surroundings. You never know when a calm, collected person is needed in an emergency situation. Will that person be you?

At the very beginning of the book Ben Sherwood has 9 true and false questions.

Here are a few of them:

True or False:

The safest seats in an airplane are the back. -- False

People who go to church once a week live six years longer than people who don't... True or False?

In prisoner of war camps in Vietnam, optimists lived longer than anyone else. ... True or False?

Curious to know the answer to these and more?

Want to hear true stories of folks who survived when everyone would say they wouldn't?

You'll need to read this great book? The link is below.

Mehmet Oz, MD could say about the book “You will want to know the answers that could save your life”

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